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This is the Second Journal of Crow, to store writing snippets and otherwise private thoughts. This journal is far more selective about the friends, and from here will detail private thoughts not shared in silver_foxglove

I ship SasukexKarasu

The Basics

Name: Rachael
Nicknames: Crow, Karasu, Kit. I prefer Crow or something pertaining to it.
Age: 22
Hair: Black and brow naturally. Very brindled.
Eyes: Normally brown
Height: 5'9"
DOB: October 26th, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio. Very, VERY Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Rat
Hobbies: Writing, reading, art, music, role-playing, boxing, video/computer games
Likes: Anime, Roleplaying, writing, singing, attention, dressing up in period clothing, cosplay, crows, pugs, Boston Terriers
Dislikes: N00bs, emotionally clingy, obsessive people, gravy, rat terriers
Location: Weatherford, Texas
Biography: If you need to know I’ll tell you.

~~*~~*~~*My Shiny Murder*~~*~~*~~

sagoma = = ♥ My Sparrow, My Girlfriend~
bekilicious = = Beka, my crazy fwiend :3 Indulges me in SakonxSuzuki
the_betrayer = = Katie! Orochimaru, and someone I love to randomly harass

Thank you Rama, for the lovely card for my 22nd Birthday <3

Roleplaying Information

Communities I play in:

Akanami Karasu == toxicaristocrat == brokenxchains
Suzuki Toshiyo == fashion_vanity == brokenxchains
Nakashima Suzaku == imperialphoenix == brokenxchains
Akanami Karasu == dark_aristocrat == yuuhaku_madness
Suzaku Saint Beast == regal_phoenix == yuuhaku_madness

Dead Journals (Might be recycled later)
Suzuki Toshiyo == rainbow_cyclone == youkai_rp
Akanami Karasu == vanity_sadistic == yyhnoheart
Awai Deidara == explosive_art== shodai_academy

I ship SakonxSuzuki