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16 November 2008 @ 11:37 am
Rainy Nights  
Title: Rainy Nights
Author: Crow
Universe: apurgatorium's Purg Fic Meme
Theme: Comfort, Fluff
Character(s): Aaron Gawain, Cloud Strife
Words: 721
Rating: G
Summary: Purg fic meme response:

2008-11-14 12:58 am UTC (link)

Cloud x Aaron

Disclaimer: I do not own Cloud Strife or Aaron Gawain

~~*~~*Rainy Nights*~~*~~

The house was quiet that night. Inside, at least. Outside, the rain battered the roof relentlessly, splattering against the windows, leaving dark teardrops on the patched windows. Aaron stirred, sitting up slowly. The blankets pooled in his lap, but he paid them no mind, drawing his knees to his chest. There was little light, save the infrequent bursts of lightning that came from somewhere beyond the upper plate. Always, it was followed with a crash of thunder. Sometimes far away, and sometimes close enough to shake the small two-story shop the teen had long since converted into a home.

His first home, in fact. He could still imagine himself, Dizzy, and Yukito curled up on the floor in their separate bedrolls. Spending the stormy nights like this cuddling close for warmth and stories; things that kept the homesickness and fear at bay.

Silently, dragging the top blanket with him for cover, Aaron made his way towards the window, loosely wrapping the tattered cover about his hips, not bothering too much with modesty. After all, Cloud was still sleeping peacefully, his back pressed firmly to the wall, the blankets wrapped about him, save for the indent on the mattress where he had been laying moments before. He'd return to it soon. But for now he felt restless; storms always made him a little jumpy. Staring around the room, he moved to sit near the window, perching on the wide sill comfortably. Once more the fabric of the blanket pooled around his hips and was steadfastly ignored.

He wondered idly if Viral was worried. If he and Grimmjow were staying up all night snarling out death threats against Cloud to one another and attacking the terminal for information on the wayward youth. But somehow he doubted that his father was too worried.

It didn't matter anyway. He was safe and warm, tucked inside and away from the hazards of the storm.

There was another crash of thunder and he could hear the old mattress across the room groaning in protest of movement. Cloud was awake. Near-silent footsteps carried the taller closer, and he soon felt a strong arm wrapping about him, tugging the teenager back against the expanse of the older man's chest.

"Are you alright?" Was the quiet rumble of Cloud's voice, touched fainty with concern and more with curiosity as he stared out the window, frowning. Aaron smiled softly, following his gaze, arm raising slowly to stroke over the other man's bicep.

"Yeah...I just woke up and I couldn't get back to sleep right away..." he murmured, sighing. There was a soft sound of assent, rather than a verbal answer. It was enough though, and he turned around, burying his face against Cloud's abdomen. There was a moment of hesitation, but then again, there always was when they embraced. Cloud often seemed afraid to touch the teenager, as if afraid he would break him. But hesitation had long ago crumbled into little more then part of the ritual, and after that initial pause he was wrapping his arms about smooth, white shoulders. "I didn't mean to wake you up too..." Aaron offered lamely, chewing his lip.

"You didn't." Such quiet words, with that same gentle conviction. It eased the tension away. Cloud had told half-truths in the past, but he never lied, not about things like this. Aaron could trust that. With the older blonde's silent urging, Aaron allowed himself to be tugged away from the window and the cold rain pelting it. The blanket slipped off of his hips and dragged along the floor, revealing smooth, healthy flesh. Pointedly, Aaron ignored it, trying his best to maintain a dignity despite the soft stain of color over his cheeks.

Cloud didn't mind.

"Come on." and he gently, slowly, guided the werewolf back to the bed, settling down before him. For a moment, the pair simply stared at one another, twin pairs of calm blue eyes. Cloud seemed resigned to his fate, and opened his arms, allowing Aaron to slide onto his lap, curling into his arms. He couldn't say how much he enjoyed the warmth it gave him, but a sound that was suspiciously like a sigh escaped him anyway.

Their arms slid about one another, lips sealing them together.